BMC Fees Details Barind Medical College 2016-17

Best Medical College in Bangladesh with Lowest Package Barind Medical College

Fees details Barind Medical College & Hospital (B.M.C)

Fees in Barind Medical College

Fees structure of Indian Students Admission in 5 years MBBS Course to Barind Medical College (BMC)

Total Five years package in Barind Medical College as follows:

At time of Admission  (Dec 2016) US$14000 (Hostel with attach Bathroom)

or   (Dec 2016)                                   US$13500 (Hostel with common Bathroom)

2nd Installment  (Dec 2017)          US$5500

3rd Installment  (Dec 2018)          US$5500

4th Installment  (Dec 2019)          US$5500

5th Installment  (Dec 2020)          US$5500


Total 5 Years Package US$36000 (With attach Bathroom) or US$35500 (With Common Bathroom)

In Indian Currency (INR) please convert with current date.

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Total package in 5 years BMC Barind Medical College Fee details Barind Medical College & Hospital (BMC) 2016-2017 Lowest Fee Medical College in Bangladesh