MBBS in Bangladesh 2021

MBBS in Bangladesh 2021

Study Medical MBBS in Bangladesh for Indian Students best option to Study Medical Abroad

MBBS Admission In Bangladesh With Low Fees

MBBS from Bangladesh for Indian Medical Aspirants

MBBS in Abroad program is extremely well known in India. MBBS in Bangladesh is turning into a trend among Indian students who would like to study MBBS abroad. MBBS in Bangladesh is among the best choices for students considering starting an international medical career ahead. Studying MBBS in Bangladesh isn’t costly for a worldwide student in any way. They will give you the feeling as if you are studying MBBS in India. For Indian students who would like to study MBBS abroad, Bangladesh is among the best choices.  MBBS in Bangladesh’s degree is simple to acquire admission as compared to other nations.

Top Government Medical Universities in Bangladesh which has provided world-class medical education with premium quality standards and well professional staff. Bangladesh provides a medical student with a syllabus and study pattern which can be considered among the best patterns of health education all over the world. Bangladesh is getting to be a hot destination for students from nations including India, Nepal, Gulf Countries, Sri Lanka, Maldives, Bhutan, etc for receiving their abroad MBBS degree. Bangladesh has proven a wonderful improvement in the conditions of education. The total cost of the comprehensive plan of MBBS in Bangladesh 2021 is quite affordable when compared to other countries all over the world.

MBBS in Bangladesh for Indian Students

During MBBS study in Bangladesh, medical students spend a lot of time in hospitals and clinics, learning the art of patient care; which they equipped with a lot of clinical exposers emergency medicine.

Now, the medical doctors complete MBBS from Bangladesh and get started getting ready for the FMGE/NEXT, PLUB, USMLE exams. International students don’t normally encounter any issue regarding the language barrier in the procedure for learning. There are a number of medical colleges that welcome students from all around the world to find the MBBS in Bangladesh 2021. As private colleges in India demand lacs to be able to admit medical students, individuals find it hard to afford such huge quantities. Medical Colleges in Bangladesh could be specific to a specific area of medicine or they can be one large institution that provides medical care in all facets. Actually, you’re going to be delighted to understand that the majority of the Medical colleges in Bangladesh are National Medical Commission (NMC) formerly MCI affirmed Medical College for Admission, making the MBBS degree authentic in addition to extremely valuable. The following are the steps that you need to take if you wish to go admitted to Top Medical College in Bangladesh.

Quality of medical education in Bangladesh same as in India. THE same MBBS program in English followed in Bangladesh. Same Indian author Medical books studied in Bangladesh.  FMGE or NEXT Passing rate highest for MBBS from Bangladesh. Affordable Medical Study at Low Package for Indian best option for MBBS Study Abroad.

Consultant for MBBS Admission in Bangladesh

Smile Education Most Trusted and Reliable Authorised Admission Consultant for Top Medical Colleges in Bangladesh for Indian Medical Aspirants. Guide Students to get Direct MBBS Admission to the best Bangladeshi Medical College. Latest Information and Admission Formalities to study MBBS in Bangladesh contact Smile Education.

It is compulsory to qualify NEET to apply for MBBS Abroad for Indian students. National Medical Commission (NMC earlier it was MCI), will only issue an equivalency certificate to Study MBBS Abroad. Pursue MBBS in Bangladesh 2021 aspirant must have NEET-UG qualifying score. National Medical Commission NMC (Medical Council of India MCI) mandatory to get Equivalency within five years of medical study duration. Eligibility Requirement for taking admission in an Undergraduate (UG) Medical Degree in a Bangladesh Medical Institution which is under Government Universities.

MBBSbangladesh.com is the most visited website for Indian Students willing to pursue MBBS from Bangladesh.

Check Your Eligibility?

Low cost MBBS Abroad

Bangladesh has become one of the most preferred locations for international students pursuing their MBBS degrees. There are many valid reasons why Bangladesh is regarded as one of the top countries to pursue MBBS degrees at an affordable price. Many international students of various nationalities have applauded the services provided by the Top Medical Universities of Bangladesh.

MBBS in Bangladesh for Indian Student best option to Medical study Abroad.  Nowadays aspirants don’t like to study MBBS in Ukraine, China, or Medical colleges in Russia for several reasons. The medical study pattern in Bangladesh is similar to Indian Medical Colleges National Medical Commission (NMC) Guidelines. Low fees MBBS in Bangladesh no hidden cost involved.

Medical Colleges under SAARC Quota or Top Private Medical Colleges in Bangladesh. Medical Colleges in Bangladesh are approved by the MCI Act 1956. Qualifications Granted by Medical Institutions outside India.

Eligibility for MBBS in Bangladesh 2021

For MBBS in Bangladesh 2021-2022

1. Candidate must have the NEET qualifying score. NEET-UG Minimum Qualifying Percentile UR – 50th Percentile, SC/ST/OBC – 40th Percentile.
2. Students must pass out HSC 12 board exam in the year 2021 or 2020.
3. The aspirant must pass-out SSC 10 exam in 2019 or 2018.
4. Students must score 60 percent and above in PCB in HSC.
5. Candidates must have 60 percent and above in Biology (Life Science) in HSC.
6. The student must have a 7 (Seven) GPA or above considering both HSC (12) and SSC (10)

Low-Cost MBBS Admission in Bangladesh No Donation Direct admission, Abroad MBBS admission in Bangladesh is the best option for Indian Students. Smile Education Consultancy only SAARC authorized admission consultant in India. We provide Medical admission at UG and PG levels. The official website contains all the necessary admission-related information for the MBBS M.D/M.S PG Medical Ph.D. program in Bangladesh.

MBBS Admission process in Bangladesh candidate needs to check GPA and eligibility requirements. Select Medical College ACCORDING TO GPA and MBBS Package in Bangladesh.

1. Medical College for Women and Hospital
2. Kumudini Women’s Medical College
3. Sylhet Women’s Medical College Hospital

  1. Dhaka National Medical College
  2. Community Based Medical College and Hospital
  3. Bangladesh Medical College
  4. Jahurul Medical College
  5. Eastern Medical College and Hospital

Medical Study in Bangladesh

Why Everyone Talks About MBBS in Bangladesh Now a Day

Smile Education Consultancy started the journey in 2009. For Bangladesh, medical study Smile Education start Recruiting Indian and other foreign students since 2011. Smile Education exclusively promoting Bangladesh Medical Education in the Best Medical Colleges in Bangladesh, From 2011 Smile Education helping students None Other than Bangladesh. Due to quality medical education and outstanding FMGE/NEXT performance from Bangladesh. Now you find all agents jump on it. You find, too many agents Everyone Talks About MBBS in Bangladesh Now a Days. Earlier those agents shouting for MBBS in Russia, now they too started writing good about MBBS study from Bangladesh. Earlier they speak negatively about MBBS education in Bangladesh and promoting MBBS in China, MBBS in Ukraine, or MBBS in the Philippines, or MBBS In Georgia.

How those agents spreading negativity without knowing about Bangladesh

  • All agents speak all negative propaganda about Bangladesh, even till now, they try to ignore it as much as they can.
  • Spread these negative words like “Medical students from India are not safe in Bangladesh”
  • Agents used to say all the bad things like “Girls are not safe, the Problem in food, etc.

Why suddenly those agents change their minds?  Because students-parents research well before enrolling MBBS Abroad.

Why Smile Education probably the Best Consultancy for MBBS in Bangladesh

  1. Smile Education oldest consultant recruiting Indian Medical Aspirants for MBBS Study in Bangladesh. Admission to MBBS in Bangladesh 2021 will start after the NEET result.
  2. We first introduced a web-based free GPA Calculator, to check eligibility without sending any mark sheet.
  3. Introduced Fees Calculator, Financial planner.
  4. Smile Education direct authorized by the top Medical Colleges in Bangladesh.

We Do’s

  1. Smile Education maintained the highest quality admission and documentation processing.
  2. Due to the quality still date we recorded the ZERO Rejection application.
  3. Smile Education, we practice being true and honest to our Students-parents community
  4. Support for Life Time, our students get any time anywhere support, Students/Parents share their problems and happiness.
  5. Always stand with the students’ side.
  6. Support in an emergency situation, our old students already experience how the Smile Education team helped students to bring back to their home countries during the COVID19 pandemic.
  7. Customized help and support. Since Smile Education only consulting for MBBS Admission in Bangladesh. It is possible for us to provide individual care and support.
  8. Smile Education only carries the MBBS Admission process in Bangladesh.

We Don’t

  1. We don’t take any cash, all college fees transfer directly to the college account.
  2. No False Promise, No extravaganza, No Showoff.
  3. Smile Education never says “Hurry! Seats are limited”, never make you confused by saying “send money tomorrow to book your seat”
  4. We don’t call you a thousand times to influence your career decisions.
  5. Smile Education never send Random SMS or Random Call to anyone.
  6. We never buy a database, phone numbers to spam calls, or send bulk SMS/WhatsApp messages and disturb you.
  7. We do not process any admission other than MBBS in Bangladesh.
  8. For non-eligible candidates, we don’t entertain any backdoors or any kind of arrangements.
  9. We don’t forge (photoshop) documents to make the non-eligible candidates to eligible.

N.B: You will not find any unique agent/s doing admission exclusive for Bangladesh except Smile Education. 

What are the advantages of Studying MBBS from Bangladesh?

In recent years, it has been seen that Bangladesh is becoming a favorite destination for Indian students for overseas MBBS. Here we will check all those favorable aspects that attract Indian students:

  • MBBS fees in Indian colleges are skyrocketing while the story is totally different when we consider our neighboring country. In government colleges of Bangladesh, 75 seats reserved for foreign candidates while 25 -30 percent of seats in private colleges are filled by non-native students.
  • For students of SAARC countries, a fee waiver is also available.
  • Many would be worried about language because of Bangladesh’s integrity with the Bengali language. For the MBBS course, the language of instruction is English.
  • Bangladesh has a huge list of medical colleges approved by the National Medical Commission NMC (Medical Council of India MCI) under the act of 1956.
  • Direct admission to the MBBS course in Bangladesh is also possible without any donation.
  • After course completion of MBBS from Bangladesh, a Medical graduate clears the FMGE/NEXT licensing exam organized by the NBA to get the National Medical Commission of India registration and State Health council registration to start practicing in India.
  • MBBS courses in Bangladesh (MBBS in Bangladesh 2021) are recognized by South East Asia Regional Organization for Medical Council.
  • Bangladesh is Asia’s most densely populated country. There is enough flow of patients for clinical studies.
  • Bangladesh is the same as India’s West Bengal so there will be no language or cultural barrier.
  • If you are in eastern India then any city in Bangladesh namely Rajshahi, Dhaka, Chittagong, etc would be closer than Delhi and Mumbai.
  • Bangladesh is emerging as a hub for medical education as a huge influx of students from Asia, Europe, and African countries can be seen. India and Nepal are two major contributors when it comes to foreign students in Bangladesh.

What is the process for admission to the MBBS program in Bangladesh?

The MBBS in Bangladesh 2021 process is quite simple. You need to follow the following steps for the MBBS admission process in Bangladesh:

  1. Calculate GPA online check your eligibility criteria
  2. Go through all available colleges and universities in Bangladesh visit MBBS Fees in Bangladesh. Make choices after careful thought and consideration.
  3. Contact Smile Education provided Helpline for any queries.
  4. Application forms are available online through the official websites of the Bangladesh High Commission or Deputy High Commission Of Bangladesh. Fill the form and attach all required documents.
  5. Now it is the turn of the institution. Their team will analyze your application and they will reply
  6. Once you get the invitation letter then you can go ahead with the deposit of fees.
  7. Go to the High Commission of Bangladesh and apply for a student visa. High commission offices are located in New Delhi, Kolkata, Agartala, Mumbai, Guwahati, and Bangalore.
  8. Once VISA approved then go to college/university and explore study MBBS in Bangladesh 2021 at a very affordable cost.

Q&A about the MBBS admission in Bangladesh

Which are Some Prominent MBBS Colleges in Bangladesh?

Medical College Ranking in Bangladesh 2021

List of Women’s Colleges for Girls Candidates:

  • Kumudini Women’s Medical College, Dhaka
  • Medical College for Women’s Uttara Dhaka
  • Sylhet Women’s Medical College, Sylhet

And many more.

MBBS in Bangladesh 2021 FAQs

When MBBS Admission Process will Start?

Every year MBBS Admission process in Bangladesh starts just after NEET Exam.

What is the cost of MBBS Fees in Bangladesh?

MBBS study in Bangladesh expenses depends on Medical College to College. The average cost of an MBBS study in Bangladesh ranges from 25 Lakh to 35 Lakh in Indian Currency. Gradually MBBS in Bangladesh is becoming a favorite destination for Indian and Nepal students. Bangladesh is turning itself into a country’s education hub.

When National Exit Test (NEXT) will implement?

The National Medical Commission (NMC) came into existence on Friday 25 September 2020, MBBS graduates will be required to sit for a National Exit Test (NEXT) both for medical practicing in India and pursuing PG Medical Entrance. The proposed date of the National Exit Test (NEXT) will announce soon by the new National Medical Commission (NMC).

Is an MBBS degree from Bangladesh valid in India?

MBBS degree from Bangladesh is valid and acceptable in India. Once any Indian candidate finishes course then come to India and write an FMGE/NEXT test organized by the NBA, National Medical Commission (NMC) formerly it was the Medical Council of India (MCI) licensing exam to start practice in the country.

Is NEET Required for MBBS study in Bangladesh?

Yes, the NEET qualifying score required for MBBS admission in Bangladesh. To study MBBS Abroad candidates required to qualify for a NEET, the score valid for 3 (three) years. Apply in Bangladeshi Medical Colleges required a NEET-UG qualified score, which national level medical exam in India. NEET-UG is quite an easy exam if you study seriously, as more than 50 percent of a candidate who appears are declared qualified.

Is it good to study MBBS from Bangladesh?

If you are conscious and looking for an overall low package MBBS course, then Bangladesh Medical Study is the best place for you. The medium of instruction is English in all Medical Colleges in Bangladesh. Degree from this country is recognized by the National Medical Commission (NMC) formerly MCI (Medical Council of India).

Which country is best for MBBS?

When we say about good medical colleges then it depends on numerous factors like FMGE/NEXT Pass-out rates, Patient flow, Clinical facilities, infrastructures, Lab facilities, fees or package, quality of education, student hostel faculty availability within the medical college campus, etc. Here is a list of countries as per the quality of education for Study MBBS Abroad:

  • USA
  • UK
  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • Bangladesh
  • Nepal
  • Canada

This rank is for the suitability of Indian students.