DGHS Bangladesh Publish Hospital Ranking

DGHS Bangladesh Publish Hospital Ranking indues Government Hospitals of Bangladesh

Here is Directorate General of Health Services DGHS Bangladesh Hospital Ranking

Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh

Office of the Additional Director General (Planning & Development)

Directorate General of Health Services

Mohakhali, Dhaka-1212

An initiative of hospital service improvement under the WHO supported Health System Strengthening Program

Ranking 2015 of selected MOHFW owned Government Hospitals of Bangladesh

Background of Hospital Ranking

This ranking of the MOHFW owned government hospitals of Bangladesh has been done under a program of the Office of the Additional Director General (Planning & Development) of the DGHS, under an initiative of hospital service improvement. The initiative is being supported by WHO Country Office in Bangladesh under the biennium 2014-2015 under the Health System Strengthening program, which follows the principles of 6 health systems building blocks of WHO, viz.,

(i) health services;

(ii) supplies of medicines, equipment and technologies;

(iii) health workforce;

(iv) health financing;

(v) health information system; and

(vi) leadership and governance.

The initiative of hospital service improvement has been built on this hypothesis:

Visible improvement of the quantity and quality of services of the government hospitals is possible, within the existing resources and limited authority, simply by improving the local leadership and team building, but through a systematic, planned and participatory approach.

The incentive to the participating hospitals was the Health Minister National Award to be accorded to the best performing hospitals and health managers.

Certain areas, which commonly do not require external interventions, have been chosen for making visible change. These areas include cleanliness, staff punctuality, placement of appropriate display boards and patient guidance signs, good behavior with patients, improving laboratory services, waste management, reducing weighting time at the outpatient department, improvement of overall hospital service, updating data in the online reporting systems, holding monthly staff meeting and follow-up of the decisions made in the past meetings, etc. The Health Minister National Award was first introduced in 2014 under WHO biennium 2013-2014.

In the current year, in addition to giving Health Minister National Award 2015 to the best performing hospitals and health managers, attempt has also been undertaken to rank the short-listed hospitals. This report is on this ranking of the government hospitals.

Procedure of hospital ranking for 2015

Each participating hospital required to update the baseline and monthly data on the intervention areas in the MIS-DGHS’s online database system;

The data helped to make comparison between the baseline and level of subsequent improvement in each intervention area;

Almost all the hospitals participated in the hospital service improvement initiative; but out of them 106 upazila hospitals, 25 district hospitals and 14 tertiary hospitals were short-listed through an overall evaluation of the submissions in the online reporting systems;

These short-listed hospitals latter were visited physically to see actual situation; a committee headed by Ms. Roxana Quader, Additional Secretary (PH&WHO) of the MOHFW conducted the evaluation processes;

Eight teams comprised of 41 members from representatives of DGHS’ different departments, such as, MIS; Medical Education; ESD; and Hospital & Clinics; organizations outside of DGHS, such as, HEU-MOHFW; ICDDRB; officers from respective Divisional Health Offices; and some medical graduates from private sector conducted the physical verification visits;

Weighted detailed check-list to capture data on wider perspectives was used for data collection through eye witnesses during physical verifications. Separate patient satisfaction survey on outdoor and indoor patients was also done;

The physical verifications were “joint and consensus assessments” between the external evaluators and local authorities and supervisors; the evaluation sheets have been countersigned by the local and supervising authorities on both the completed checklists and survey questionnaires;

The full mark for evaluation was 300. This was divided into three components, viz., (i) overall impression from cumulative online monthly data: 100; (ii) physical verification: 100; and (iii) patient satisfaction survey: 100. For calculating final score, more weightage was given to physical verification. The final score for each hospital, therefore, was obtained by summing up 20% of online score, 60% of physical verification score and 20% of patient satisfaction survey score;

Based on the final score, the ranking of all the physically verified hospitals in each category has been made; however, as the final scores between hospitals were close to each other, the Ranking for year 2015 has been made as follows:

  • Tertiary hospitals: First top 5; Second top 5; Third top 5, etc.
  • District hospitals: First top 10; Second top 10; Third top 10, etc.
  • Upazila hospitals: First top 10; Second top 10; Third top 10, etc.

This ranking has been planned to publish in the DGHS website.

Government Hospital Ranking 2015

Tertiary Hospital Top 5 Ranking

Rank Division Name of tertiary hospital
Dhaka Dhaka Medical College
Rajshahi SZR Medical College Hospital
Dhaka Faridpur Medical College
Top 5 Hospital
Dhaka Shaheed Suhrawardy Medical
Colleg Hospital
Chittagong Chittagong Medical College
Sylhet Sylhet MAG Osmani Medical
Dhaka Kurmitola 500 Bed General
2nd 5 Dhaka National Instition Of Cancer
Research Hospital
Dhaka Sir Salimullah Medical College
Rangpur Dinajpur Medical College
Rajshahi Rajshahi Medical College
Chittagong Comilla Medical College
3rd 5 Dhaka National Institute Of Kidney
Disease& Urology
Khulna Khulna Medical College
Rangpur Rangpur Medical College

District Hospital Top 10 Ranking

Rank Division Name of district Hospital
Khulna Kushtia District Hospital
Dhaka Narsingdi District Hospital
Khulna Jhenaidah District Hospital
Dhaka Gazipur District Hospital
Top 10 Rajshahi Joypurhat District Hospital
Barisal Bhola District Hospital
Barisal Pirojpur District Hospital
Rangpur Lalmonirhat District Hospital
Dhaka Narayangonj District Hospital
Dhaka Gopalgonj District Hospital
Chittagong Laxmipur District Hospital
2nd 10 Rajshahi Natore District Hospital
Barisal Jhalokathi District Hospital


Rank Division Name of district Hospital
Dhaka Tangail District Hospital
Khulna Narail District Hospital
Rangpur Nilphamari District Hospital
Rangpur Panchagarh District Hospital
Khulna Meherpur District Hospital
Chittagong Rangamati District Hospital
Rajshahi Pabna District Hospital
Dhaka Sherpur District Hospital
Chittagong Chandpur District Hospital
3rd 10 Sylhet Habigonj District Hospital
Dhaka Munshigonj District Hospital
Rajshahi Naogaon District Hospital

Upazila Health Complex Top 10 Ranking

Rank Division District Health
Complex of
Rajshahi Pabna Iswardi
Rajshahi Pabna Shanthia
Rajshahi Joypurhat Kalai
Chittagong Khagrachari Manikchari
Top 10 Sylhet Moulavibazar Sreemongal
Dhaka Madaripur Kalkini
Rangpur Kurigram Ulipur
Dhaka Munshigonj Tongibari
Khulna Satkhira Kaliganj
Barisal Barisal Wazirpur
Sylhet Sylhet Fenchuganj
Rajshahi Natore Singra
Dhaka Narsingdi Raipura
Dhaka Narsingdi Monohardi
2nd 10 Dhaka Gazipur Sreepur
Dhaka Gazipur Kapasia
Rajshahi Natore Bagatipara
Dhaka Kishoreganj Bhairab
Dhaka Narsingdi Shibpur
Barisal Barisal Hijla
Chittagong Khagrachari Panchari
Barisal Barisal Gauranadi
3rd 10 Dhaka Gazipur Kaliakair
Dhaka Munshigonj Louhajong
Dhaka Kishoreganj Tarail

Directorate General of Health Services DGHS Bangladesh Hospital Ranking

Rank Division District Health
Complex of
Dhaka Munshigonj Sreenagar
Dhaka Faridpur Sadarpur
Dhaka Madaripur Rajoir
Dhaka Dhaka Keraniganj
Barisal Bhola Lalmohan
Chittagong Rangamati Kaptai
Rajshahi Chapai Shibganj
Rajshahi Bogra Dupchancia
Khulna Jhenaidah Sailakupa
4th 10 Barisal Barguna Amtali
Barisal Pirojpur Nazirpur
Barisal Bhola Borhanuddin
Rangpur Rangpur Pirgacha
Chittagong Laxmipur Raipur
Barisal Pirojpur Kawkhali
Khulna Jessore Chowgacha
Rajshahi Sirajganj Ullapara
Rajshahi Bogra Shibganj
Rajshahi Joypurhat Panchbibi
5th 10 Khulna Kushtia Kumarkhali
Chittagong Khagrachari Matiranga
Khulna Jhenaidah Harinakundu
Chittagong Comilla Debiduar
Chittagong Cox’s Bazar Teknaf
Barisal Pirojpur Bhandaria
Barisal Patuakhali Kolapara
Rajshahi Bogra Gabtali
Chittagong Noakhali Chatkhil
Khulna Jhenaidah Kotchandpur
6th 10 Sylhet Sunamgonj Chattak
Dhaka Kishoreganj Katiadi
Sylhet Sylhet Golapganj
Rangpur Rangpur Pirganj
Sylhet Habigonj Lakhai.
Rangpur Rangpur Mithapukur
Barisal Patuakhali Mirzaganj
Khulna Kushtia Bheramara
7th 10 Khulna Satkhira Kalaroa
Dhaka Netrokona Kendua
Chittagong Chittagong Boalkhali
Rank Division District Health
Complex of
Dhaka Netrokona Purbadhala
Rangpur Nilphamari Jaldhaka
Khulna Jessore Jhikargacha
Rajshahi Natore Gurudaspur
Sylhet Habigonj Ajmiriganj
Rajshahi Joypurhat Khetlal
Khulna Meherpur Gangni
Rajshahi Naogaon Badalgachi
Chittagong Chandpur Shahrasti
8th 10 Chittagong Comilla Chawddagram
Chittagong Rangamati Barkal
Barisal Bhola Tajumaddin
Khulna Bagerhat Rampal
Khulna Jessore Keshabpur
Chittagong Chittagong Hathazari
Dhaka Narayangonj Araihazar
Rajshahi Sirajganj Belkuchi
Dhaka Sherpur Jhenaigati
Khulna Kushtia Mirpur
9th 10 Rajshahi Sirajganj Shahjadpur
Dhaka Tangail Bhuapur
Dhaka Sherpur Nakla
Chittagong Noakhali Companiganj
Rajshahi Pabna Chatmohor
Chittagong Comilla Nangolkot
Khulna Khulna Dighalia
Khulna Narail Kalia
Chittagong Noakhali Sonaimuri
Chittagong Rangamati Rajasthali
10th 10 Rajshahi Rajshahi Durgapur
Dhaka Jamalpur Malandaha
Rajshahi Naogaon Atrai
Khulna Satkhira Ashashuni
Chittagong Chandpur Haziganj
Chittagong Chandpur Faridganj
Sylhet Habigonj Baniachong
Rangpur Nilphamari Dimla
11th 10 Dhaka Sherpur Nalitabari
Rajshahi Naogaon Manda
Dhaka Tangail Kalihati

Hospital Ranking 2015