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About Dhaka National Medical College (DNMC):

The Dhaka National Medical College inherits her glorious predecessor the Dhaka National Medical Institute, which was established in 1925 as a part of the Non-Cooperation Movement of the Indian Sub-continent against the British Colonial Rule organized jointly by the Indian National Congress and the Indian Muslim League under the Leadership of Mahatma Gandhi, Mawlana Muhammad Ali and Mawlana Sawkat Ali.

Along with other programs, the Non-Cooperation Movement urged upon the People of the sub-continent to boycott educational institutions established and administered by British Govt. and to establish National Schools, Colleges, and Institutes for modern scientific education by the local people themselves.

Accordingly, two Medical Schools were established in the then Bengal Province to produce National Doctors of modern medicine. One such Medical School was at Calcutta, named Calcutta National Medical Institute, and the other at Dhaka, named Dhaka National Medical Institute.

MBBS Admission Instruction in DNMC

The Dhaka National Medical Institute was established at Dhaka near present-day Bahadur Shah Park on land donated by Zamider Raghunath Das. Many Nationalists donated money for its construction & establishment.

The First Governing Body of the Institute was formed under the chairmanship of renowned scientist Sir Prafulla Chandra Roy KBE.

The governing body included Nationalist leaders like Sir Khaza Nazim Uddin, Dr. J.C. Ghosh, Roy Bahadur Kashab, Chandra Banarjee, Zamider Jogesh Chandra Das.

The Institute consisted of

1. A four-year Medical course on modern scientific medicine (LMF) after Matriculation
2. A general Hospital for Medical services to the local people.

In 1958, the 4 years Medical course (LMF) was closed by the then Provincial government of East Bengal to be replaced by a 5-year Medical degree course (MBBS) after I.Sc.

The Dhaka National Medical Institute could not open the 5-year Medical degree course (MBBS) due to non-cooperation by the then Pakistan Govt. From 1965 the Dhaka National Medical Institute became limited to hospital and outpatient services only for the local people.

In 1971, during the Liberation war of Bangladesh, the Dhaka National Medical Institute Hospital was a safe shelter for the Freedom Fighters of the Liberation War.

Just after the liberation of Bangladesh in 1972, the hospital’s condition was on the verge of collapse due to financial crises and the absence of any Administrative Body as the previous Governing Body and the Trustee Board of the Institute were almost absent.

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Father of the Nation of Bangladesh “Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman” took initiative by himself to rescue the Dhaka National Institute Hospital and granted a Taka of five lac immediately for running the hospital and an Ad hock Governing Body was formed for the Institute Hospital under the chairmanship of Mr. M. Sirajul Islam MPA for the smooth administration and development of the hospital. Mr. M. Sirajul Islam took the active initiative to take the donation of taka twenty-five lac from the Bangladesh Assistance Society of India.

A rule was made by the Government of Bangladesh for the Dhaka National Medical Institute Hospital (DNMIH) that a Management Board will be formed henceforth for every four years of its proper administration and a yearly financial grant will be allotted for the hospital according to the need assessed by the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Govt. of Bangladesh.

Dhaka National Medical College (DNMC) Background

From the very beginning, the Governing Bodies and the Management Boards of the Dhaka National Medical Institute Hospital proposed and moved to re-establish one Medical College with the DNMIH. At last in 1994 under the dynamic leadership of the then chairman of the Management Board of the DNMIH Mr. Sadeque Hossain Khoka MP, the long-expected Dhaka National Medical College and Hospital came into existence. The college was formally inaugurated and the foundation stone of the New Academic Buildings of the college was laid by the then Prime Minister Begum Khaleda Zia on the 15th of October 1995. DNMC is running as per rules and regulations laid down by the University of Dhaka, Bangladesh Medical and Dental Council (BM&DC), and Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Government of the Peoples Republic of Bangladesh.

A high power Governing Body is formed by the University of Dhaka for the overall management of the college. Mr. Md. Mizanur Rahman Khan MP is the Chairman of the present governing body of the college.

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In the 1995 – 96 session, the First Batch of Medical students got themselves admitted to the College. This year in the 2023 – 2024 session, the 30th batch of medical students will be admitted to the College. Now the college has emerged as one of the best medical college in Bangladesh.

Dhaka National Medical College Location:

DNMCH Dhaka National Medical College and Hospital is located in Old Dhaka (Puran Dhaka)

Address: 53, 1 Johnson Road, Dhaka 1100, Bangladesh