How to Get Seat for MBBS in Bangladesh for Indian Students

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10 Questions and Answers for MBBS Course Admission

Why are Indian Students Going Bangladesh for MBBS Course?

In India, we have the perception that Bangladesh is a poor country with improper infrastructure. If we see trends of recent 10 years then the story is quite different. Bangladesh has grown considerably on numerous fronts, infra has improved, and the economy on the boom. Bangladesh has 25 public universities and 50 private universities for the MBBS course. In India, even in Karnataka, a such a number of MBBS colleges is not available.

Is it easy for an Indian student to stay in Bangladesh?

Till 1947, Bangladesh was part of India. This country is culturally the same as Indian Bengal. It will be like staying in Kolkata when you will opt for MBBS in Bangladesh.

What is the average fee for MBBS in Bangladesh?

If Indian students are going to Bangladesh then affordability of the MBBS course is the main reason. In India, the average MBBS fees are crossing 80 lakh while in Bangladesh average course fee is around 30 Lakh. Bangladesh is becoming a hub for medical education because of the high influx from Asian and African countries.

Is the MBBS course of Bangladesh recognized in India?

MBBS courses across Bangladesh are recognized by the medical council of India and WHO. Once you complete MBBS in Bangladesh then there will be a screening test by NBA which is called MCI screening or FMGE and then you’ll get a state medical council registration number free to for practice in India.

What is the duration of course for MBBS in Bangladesh?

The entire course will be of 6 years. 5 years will be curriculum and 1 year need to work as an internship or clerkship as a junior doctor in the profile of an intern.

Is IELTS or TOEFL Required for the Bangladesh course?

There is no such requirement for Bangladesh. Knowledge of the English language is required because this will be medium of instruction.

What are the Pros of the MBBS course in Bangladesh?

There are numerous pros that’s why Indians are present in Bangladesh for MBBS

  • Course structure: This is the same as in India. The syllabus is the same along with the methodologies of teaching.
  • Possibly the lowest MBBS  Fee in the world comes from Bangladesh
  • Bangladesh is becoming a major hub for medical research-based education.
  • Infrastructure is not an issue in Bangladesh. This country has better infra than some Indian states like Jharkhand, Odisha, Bihar, UP, MP, Rajasthan, etc.
  • Bangladesh has very good bilateral relations with India so Visa never becomes a problem.

What are the Eligibility Criteria for the MBBS course in Bangladesh?

Please check the eligibility criteria as written below:

  • The minimum age requirement to take admission is 17 years.
  • A candidate who has wasted their 2 years or more after 10+2 is not eligible for admission.
  • Minimum 60 percent marks required in the PCB group. Some medical colleges have different criteria.
  • THE minimum GPA for Biology subject should be 3.5

What are Some Prominent Colleges for MBBS in Bangladesh?

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How to Get Seat for MBBS in Bangladesh

The list of few medical colleges are as below:

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  • Tairunnessa Medical college

Address: Dhaka – Mymensingh Hwy, Bangladesh


Contact Number: +880 1914-213134

  • Enam medical college

Address: 9/3, parboti Nagar, Thana Road, Thana Rd, Savar Union 1340, Bangladesh


Contact number: +880 1716-358146

  • Al-Din medical college

Address: 2 Bara Maghbazar, Outer Circular Rd, Dhaka 1217, Bangladesh


Contact Number: +880 2-9353391

  • Green life medical college

Address : MAK Khan Tower 30, Bir Uttam K.M. Shafiullah Sarak, Green Rd, Dhaka


Contact Number: +880 2-9612345

  • Sylhet Women Medical College

Address: Noyashorok Road, Sylhet 3100, Bangladesh


Contact: +880 821-720123

  • Kumudini medical college

Address: Mirzapur, Bangladesh


Contact:  880-2-9842 778

  • Universal medical college

Address: Peacock, 74G/75, Square Road, Dhaka 1215, Bangladesh


Contact: +880 9606-111222

  • Mainamoti medical college

Address: Baropara, Kuchaitoli Road, Comilla 3500, Bangladesh


Contact: +880 817-2671

  • Dhaka central medical college

Address: 2, 1 Ring Rd, Dhaka 1207, Bangladesh


Contact: +880 2-9128727

  • International medical college

Address:   Medical College Rd, Tongi 1711, Bangladesh


Contact: +880 2-9814550

  • Popular medical college

Address: 25 Rd No. 2, Dhaka 1205, Bangladesh


Contact: +880 2-9669301

  • TMSS medical college

Address:  Dhaka – Rangpur Hwy, Gokul 5800


  • Jalalabad Rabiya medical college

Address: Sylhet, Bangladesh


Contact: +880 1712-090922

  • Anwer Khan medical college

Address: House 17, Road 8 Dhanmondi R/A, Dhaka 1205

Contact: +880 2-9670295