Instruments required during MBBS Study in Bangladesh

To Study MBBS students need Medical Instruments

Important Medical tools required for MBBS

Medical Instruments that students need during MBBS study in Bangladesh

MBBS Study in Bangladesh Total Duration 5 (Five) Years

Instruments you need during study MBBS in Bangladesh

Medical Students required to buy the following medical instruments and must-have tools.

MBBS in Bangladesh First-year instruments needed :

Dissection Kit (Must have Medical Instruments)

Anatomy Practical you required Dissection tools or Dissection kit set. It is Premium quality Stainless Steel Dissection Kit set with tools for Medical (MBBS) Students at Practical Anatomy
Dissection Kits or Dissection Tools mainly consist of
5.5” Dissecting Spatula
5.7” Needle Straight Point
5.7” Needle Curved Point
5” Specimen Serrated Forceps
4.5” Micro Forceps
5” 2 x 1 Tooth Tissue Forceps
4.6” Iris Scissors1.
Safety Equipment · 2. Hemostats (Locking Forceps) · 3. Scalpel · 4. Scissors · 5. Forceps · 6. Needle

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Medical students must have an instrument Stethoscope.

The function stethoscope is acoustic medical equipment for auscultation or monitoring of internal sounds of the human body.

Here are the Top 5 Stethoscopes for Medical Students in Bangladesh.

  1. Rossmax Rappaport EB500 Stethoscope
  2. Littmann Classic III 5620 Acoustic Stethoscope – Buy from Flipkart
  3. IndoSurgicals Silvery II-SS Stethoscope
  4. Dr. Morepen ST01 Deluxe Stethoscope
  5. Micro Tone MSI Stethoscope

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A sphygmomanometer, also known as a Blood pressure monitor, or blood pressure gauge, is a device used to measure blood pressure.

An instrument for measuring blood pressure, typically consisting of an inflatable rubber cuff which is applied to the arm and connected to a column of mercury next to a graduated scale, enabling the determination of systolic and diastolic blood pressure by increasing and gradually releasing the pressure in the cuff. If you confused about which one to buy you may consult Reepa madam Smile education CEO or compare all buying options online or you may coordinate with your senior students.

Sphygmomanometer preferably an aneroid type which you can order online in Amazon


You need to buy boneset in a group of 3-4 students. The best option is to consult with your medical college seniors. Avoid Plastic or PVC bonesets which not allowed in Bangladeshi Medical Colleges. Also, cross-border carrying of any original boneset is prohibited.

H and E Medical Pencils

H & E are different pencils, where H stands for Hematoxylin and E stands for Eosin.

H&E is the combination of two histological stains: hematoxylin and eosin. The hematoxylin stains cell nuclei blue, and eosin stains the extracellular matrix and cytoplasm pink, with other structures taking on different shades, hues, and combinations of these colors. The stain shows the general layout and distribution of cells and provides a general overview of a tissue sample’s structure. Hence a pathologist can easily differentiate between the nuclear and cytoplasmic parts of a cell.

With the help of H & E pencils, you are required to draw different slides in your practical files that you are shown on the microscope in the histology lab. These are also required for pathology practicals also. If you know the histology of various tissues well in your first year of MBBS then only you will be able to find pathology in the coming year.

The popular brand of H and E pencil sets medical college students can buy STAEDTLER pencils from Amazon

Other things you need as First-year Medical Students Good quality Gloves, Alcohol-based hand sanitizer, and Surgical Mask (plenty of them) during COVID19 it is advisable to wear a mask.

Second Year MBBS Bangladesh Students required the following Medical Instruments:

Measuring tape.
Hammer (preferably with a round head).
Vernier caliper (optional).
Tuning fork (optional).
Skin marking pencil.

Tuning fork

Third year Bangladesh MBBS students need the following Medical instruments:

Head mirror for ENT
Tuning Fork.
512Hz best for auditory examination.
126Hz best for CNS Examination and Vibration sense testing.

Finally, One thing that all students should always wear an Analog Watch.
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