Is MBBS in Bangladesh Safe

Is MBBS in Bangladesh safe for an Indian Student Pursuing Medical?

How is MBBS from Bangladesh Safe for Indian Girls Students?

Today we like to discuss the most important points and most asked questions about the Safety and Security of foreign Students in Bangladesh. If you are looking for MBBS Abroad and after seeing all advantages of MBBS in Bangladesh. The last doubt remains in mind is that Bangladesh is really safe for Indian Aspirants.

MBBS in Bangladesh – Is it Safe for Indian Students?

Is MBBS in Bangladesh Safe County to Pursue Undergraduate Medical (MBBS or BDS) Degree

Bangladesh is very similar to India in socioeconomic and cultural terms. We look similar! There are many things we share, including literature and history. Although if you are from Tripura, Assam, or West Bengal there will be no language barrier. Even if you don’t speak Bengali very well, you won’t have to worry. Most people in India can understand Hindi and English so it is not a problem. It is not difficult to learn Bengali, as it is very similar to Hindi.

Bangladesh is more welcoming to Indians than other countries. It is similar to India in terms of safety. Although there are minor security concerns at the political level. There is no discrimination in the students’ community, Bangladeshi people are friendly.

The quality of education at medical schools in Bangladesh is something that does not to worries the MBBS study plan same as the Indian NMC/MCI Pattern. If you have any questions, please let me know.

Here are some data which show Bangladesh is more Safer than any other neighboring country in India.

Find Global Peace Index (GPI) 2021 reports

Out of 163 Countries, Bangladesh Ranked 91 in Global Peace Index

About Medical College Security:

Most of the Medical Colleges in Bangladesh are equipped with Closed-Circuit Television Cameras (CCTV). Safety and security matters of foreign and Indian medical students are ensured by the Colleges and the Government of Bangladesh.

There are separate Hostels for Boys and Girls students on Campus.

No Ragging Allowed (Ragging is Illegal) in Colleges

Bangladesh is a dry country, where alcohol consumption and storage without a license is a punishable offense.

According to World Bank Reports 2015, Bangladesh has one of the lowest alcohol consumption rates in Asia. Alcohol in Bangladesh is regulated and restricted Bangladesh. Under Bangladeshi law, any beverage containing more than 0.5% alcohol is considered an alcoholic beverage. A government permit is necessary for selling, storing, and transporting alcohol. To drink alcohol in Bangladesh, one must have a legal permit.

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There is no recorded crime in Bangladesh against international students.

About Bangladesh Economy and Development:

Bangladesh is the world’s most populous country. This creates constant challenges for food security, education, decent work, and healthcare systems. The large population has created a high supply of labor and a highly competitive labor marketplace. Bangladesh is one of the most efficient production centers in the world because it has low production costs.

Bangladesh 2020 GDP 2.4 (Source

According to The Wire

The real marvel lies in the fact that even in FY’20, when economies around the world contracted as a result of pandemic lockdowns, Bangladesh managed a 5.24% growth. In FY’2021, its average per capita income stood at $2,227, higher than India’s $1,947.

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Students or Parents are requested to research well before enrolling in MBBS Abroad.

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