Islami Bank Medical College Rajshahi

The year 2003 had been a milestone in our history regarding healthcare and medical education recognizing the emergence of Islami Bank Medical College Rajshahi, Bangladesh as a self sustained institution with its attractive infrastructure.

The institution was aimed at creating a group of skilled and devoted doctors to serve the nation and in particular the poor and distressed population. Established in a panoramic location of ever peaceful green city of Rajshahi and equipped with a team of highly qualified and experienced teachers, this medical college could ensure production of a good number highly qualified medical graduates. Our strong belief is that the medical graduates from this intuition will devote themselves to become the alliance and a source of comfort to our population in ailment and distress.

With the knowledge gained and skills acquired and with their perseverance and quality they are expected to become nationally and internationally recognized. It is a pleasure and matter of pride to be able to state confidently that we are a step ahead in creating skilled doctors and ideal human beings from the young souls that will be qualified to join our humanitarian society.

1.  Affiliation from Rajshahi University

2.  Recognized from Ministry of Health and Family Welfare of Government of the People`s Republic of Bangladesh

3.  Registration from Bangladesh Medical and Dental Council

4. Recognized From International Accreditation Organization (IAO)