Bangladesh: A Place of Opportunity for MBBS Candidates

When we think about MBBS in India then it can be either done by a candidate who poses high merit or very wealthy. In India, only top 15 thousands candidates of NEET get chance to enroll for any government college while rest all have only option left of private colleges. Fees of private colleges start from 70 Lakh onwards so in this case what is the solution? I will suggest you to go for MBBS in Bangladesh.

If you check online then you will find that MBBS admission in Bangladesh 2020 already going on and maximum overseas candidates have registered from India. This clearly shows interest of Indian candidate in Bangladesh. If you grab an MBBS seat in Bangladesh then it will highly cost 30-40 Lakh for all five years as whole.

How to take admission in Bangladesh for 2020?

First you need to have scorecard of NEET that is conducted yearly in the country. You should be declared as qualified by the MCI in NEET exam. Now contact any college or consultant for admission in Bangladesh. If you contact college directly online then they will ask for documents. Send them all documents, now they will issue provisional admission letter on request. You can show this letter and get visa for Bangladesh. Now go in college, submit documents, pay required fees and grab a seat.

Will degree of MBBS from Bangladesh work in India?

I would reply YES. This course has value in India and world. MBBS course has been already taken by thousands of Indian and now they are practicing in India. Once you complete course then you have to take a test in India organized by medical council of India. After clearing this test, you can practice and work in India.

Which are Top 5 MBBS Colleges in Bangladesh?

Here is the list of 5 top medical colleges in Dhaka and various other cities of Bangladesh:

Overall Bangladesh has very good option for candidate who are little tight in Budget and within 30-40 Lakh, this course can be completed. If you have dream of being a doctor then Bangladesh is definitely a good option because of money, cultural similarity, being not distant from India and many other things.