Why Bangladesh is the Most Favorite Destination for MBBS?

MBBS course in Bangladesh 2022-2023

All about the MBBS course in Bangladesh 2022 MBBS course has many pros and cons at MBBS in Bangladesh. In this article, we have written a detailed article after research through medical colleges in Bangladesh

Bangladesh offers the highest number of FMGE (Foreign Medical Graduate Exam) passing percentages from the last 12 years.

Over years, we have seen a surge and decline of numerous professional courses. B.tech is a classic example that has attracted many candidates from all across the globe and now engineering colleges are closing in India because of a lack of students. We have seen how things have been changed for MBA, MCA, and many similar professional courses. One course that remained intact is definitely MBBS. Whoever completes this course is definitely still enjoy the easy life with proper earning.

Why Bangladesh for MBBS?

Bangladesh is the cheapest place in Asia where quality and affordability are mixed together. It is impossible for every candidate to get into government colleges like PMCH Patna, AIIMS Delhi, RG Kar Medical College, Kolkata, etc. In private colleges, fees come as the main obstacle for candidates. In Bangladesh, MBBS comes within 25-38 Lakh so this is definitely a deal that people like to grab.

How is Response for MBBS Course in Bangladesh for the year 2022?

There is a surge of more than 140 percent in the year 2021 in comparison to 2020 as we are getting more students interested in MBBS from Bangladesh. Indians were always keen to go for this course but there was hesitation because of this country. Bangladesh has grown considerably over the years as infra, economy and many other parameters have shown surge.

What about the climate, food, and culture of Bangladesh?

I would like to say that Bangladesh is not much different from India. Till 1947, this country was part of India. This place is almost the same as Indian West Bengal. From culture to climate everything is like east India so you wouldn’t face any problem.

What will be the medium of instruction for the MBBS course?

The language will be English for the MBBS course. Bengali is the official language of this country. If you know Bengali then it will be an added advantage. People over here are good in Hindi too as Bengali is an Indo-Aryan language.

If you wish to study MBBS at low-cost fees then opt for Bangladesh as there is no better place where affordability and quality both can be enjoyed under one roof.

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