Fees Structure in North Bengal Medical College

For admission: 1st year MBBS Foreign student will pay the following for the session year 2013-2014 :

Detail Fees structure to be paid in USD ($)
The fees to be paid are as follows:

FEES Unit Amount Grand Total
1. Development Fees (For each student)
2. Tution Fees (First 18 months) per Month 18 X 200 $
3. Tution Fees (Last 42 months) per Month 42 X 200 $
4. Equivalence Certificate for DGHS
5. Other Fees

NB: Foreign students willing to undergo internship training in this institution & hospital shall have to pay $300 per month for 12 months.

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Hostel Accommodation:

Hostel Fees in North Bengal Medical College

There is a limited number of Hostel accommodations for the girl student on the college campus, which will be allocated to female students on a “first come first serve basis” on payment of  Tk. 600/= (five hundred and fifty only) per month.

A Hostel development fee of Tk.10,000/= has to be paid. Details may be obtained from the College office.

There is no hostel for male students. But the college office shall try to find accommodation for the male student in rental houses in the close vicinity of the college. The students have to bear the actual expenses for this purpose.

See More: https://www.mbbsinbangladesh.in/mbbs-in-bangladesh/