University of Science and Technology Chittagong (USTC) was established as a Private University soon after Private University Act 1992 came into force when IAHS became its constituent body under Faculty of Medicine.

Janasheba Foundation was its sponsoring organization and National Professor Dr Nurul Islam was appointed President of USTC by Hon’ble Chancellor of the Universities and President of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh. Since then USTC started functioning with two Faculties, namely, Faculty of Medicine and Faculty of Basic Medical and Pharmaceutical Sciences.

MBBS and B Pharm (Hons) Programmes are offered by these two Faculties. These two Faculties have been doing more than expectation and it is a matter of pride that USTC has a large number of foreign students today.

The aim of MBBS course of USTC is to make skilled and efficient health professionals and also to enable them to adapt to ever changing environment. Health management is a complex matter. Surviving in this profession requires tremendous skill, temperament, passion, vision and above all high quality knowledge in modern medical sciences. For above reasons USTC planned for MBBS Programme to develop the intellectual setup, skills and knowledge of the students so as to enable them to meet the needs of the community.

Students having a minimum total GPA 8 in SSC and HSC (with biology) or equivalent (these criteria being reviewed by the Government of Bangladesh every year) may apply for admission into the MBBS course. Individual GPA must not be below 3.5.

Foreign students are to submit applications direct to the respective country’s representative. Admission Forms and relevant papers for Indian student are available from Smile Education Consultancy Kolkata. Local applicants may obtain those forms room authorized Banks in Dhaka & Chittagong.